Johnny Nalbandian for Congress

For The 28th Congressional District of California


Helping Our Families

  • Caring for Young Families: Young families and single parents in our community often have had a hard time pursuing higher education or better jobs. It’s time to give them a hand up.
  • Mental Health: Our family members with mental health issues need help and support. Johnny has a soft spot for autism and other mental health issues.
  • Homeless: The homeless need job programs to get them back on their feet. Johnny will champion the creation of business opportunities for the homeless in our community.
  • Attracting Employers: Current laws make this community unattractive to employers. We will work to bring employers and create new jobs and businesses.
  • Housing: Unaffordable housing is a crisis. Promoting businesses and lowering taxes will increase wages and ease the burden by putting more hard-earned money in the pockets of our families.
  • Basic Life Skills: Job preparation and money management are not taught to our youth. We will create programs to teach our community members how to file taxes, prepare resumes, and manage money.
  • Short Term Financing: It is often very difficult to get short term loans which can cause our families to suffer financial hardships. No more!

Johnny's Story

Johnny’s parents ran away from the Soviet Stalinist government in 1944 during WWII and settled in one of the original Thirteen Colonies: New Jersey. They left tyranny with liberty in mind to live the American Dream. In the early 60’s, they moved from the east coast to California and lived in three wonderful areas: West Hollywood, Los Feliz, and Hollywood, which at the time were paradise.

Throughout the years, Johnny was no stranger to hard work. He started working at the age of 11 and over the years fell in love with politics.