Johnny Nalbandian for Congress

For The 28th Congressional District of California

Help Us Make The 28th District Awesome Again!

Johnny's Story

Johnny’s parents ran away from the Soviet Stalinist government in 1944 during WWII and settled in one of the original Thirteen Colonies: New Jersey. They left tyranny with liberty in mind to live the American Dream. In the early 60’s, they moved from the east coast to California and lived in three wonderful areas: West Hollywood, Los Feliz, and Hollywood, which at the time were paradise.

Throughout the years, Johnny was no stranger to hard work. He started working at the age of 11 and over the years fell in love with politics.

Helping Our District

Our district needs lots of help, here is where Johnny is planning to start and what issues he will take to the table in Congress.

  • U.S. Constitution: Adhere to the Supreme LAW of our Nation.
  • Economy: Job killing regulations are killing our local businesses.
  • Gun rights: We support the 2nd Amendment.
  • Law enforcement: Men and Women in Blue are victims of political correctness.
  • Veterans: Our veterans are being neglected and treated as second-class citizens.
  • Immigration: Fix the broken immigration system that allows millions of illegals to pour in.
  • Deterioration: Fix the years of damage done by democrats & progressive socialist politicians.