Johnny was born in New Jersey, USA and grew up in California. His parents immigrated to the U.S. in 1944 during WWII when they ran away from the Soviet Stalinist government: a government that promoted Marxism/Communism and Socialism. He grew up working odd jobs from selling newspapers on street corners, to washing dishes in his parents’ restaurant, to cleaning restrooms at gas stations.

Johnny believed that through hard work and honest work ethics he could achieve the American Dream, which is what his parents taught him. Keeping these values close at heart, he founded a successful California-based seafood distribution and processing company at the age of 19.  His company soon became a leader in the seafood industry not only by instrumentally moving quality seafood into supermarkets but also running pilot programs for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) HACCP program. At its peak, the company had $60 million in sales and was known as “The Tiffany’s of the Seafood Industry.”

Nalbandian has become a successful and highly demanded business consultant and marketer. For the past 15 years, Johnny has advised businesses of all industries and sizes regarding expansion, trade, and investment opportunities.  His favorite is food product development for meal solutions, or as they call it in the Seafood Industry, “Value Added Products.”

Johnny campaigned representing the Seafood Industry and the American – Armenian Community for the Great President Ronald Reagan. When Trump announced his candidacy, Johnny said, “Wow this is 1980 all over again for me.” He also said “I smell a Reagan Style victory coming again during his campaigning for President Donald J. Trump and I am thrilled to be on the Trump Train to “Make America Great Again.”

Johnny missed the America and California that he grew up in, especially after he watched the Democratic Party destroy this once Golden State as they have done to other blue state cities nationwide. He decided it was time to move out all the career politicians and load up both Sacramento and Washington DC with the everyday small business owners that live in the ugly corrupted bubble. Johnny has stated, “It is disheartening to see so many Americans hate our great nation” and this among many other reasons is why he is running for Congress.

Why the 28th District?

  • He grew up in the Hollywood and Los Feliz area.
  • He loves our President’s Agenda and if there is a state that would benefit from President Trump’s platform it would be California.
  • Democrats like Brad Sherman (30th), Maxine Waters (43rd), Adam Schiff (28th), and many other democratic politicians up and down the state have destroyed this once a fabulous place to live.
  • Adam Schiff is a career politician; Johnny is a career businessperson just like our President. Johnny is a next door neighbor you would enjoy being around. Time to send Adam packing.
  • Throughout the state, the Democrats and progressive socialist politicians have and continue to jeopardize the United States Constitution along with our liberties and send businesses running away from California.

Help Us Make The 28th District Awesome Again!